By Plant Pot

& founder Ian Masters

Solitaire but re-imagined

Solitaire has barely evolved since "Microsoft Solitaire" launched for Windows 3.0 in 1990. It's time for something fresh.

Now a new company, Flick Games is our second seedling to leave the greenhouse.

Finger Hoola

A completely original game concept combining beautiful audio, physics and tactile game play.

Eurogamer 8/10 - "A chilled-out and peaceful challenge, quite unlike anything else around, Finger Hoola is just lovely."

Fidget Spinner: The Music Game

Frustrated by the lack of gameplay in fidget spinner games we thought Finger Hoola could provide the perfect template to create something with much more depth.

When Google featured it, the game got >700k installs in 1 week.

Golman: Penalty Shoot-out

Asynchronous multiplayer game released for UEFA Euro 2012. iOS exclusive.

Born from Plant Pot


A brand new quiz game format! The Plant Pot team collaborated with Albert Marshall (a well known UK games lawyer and commercial adviser) to found a new company where we created 9 unique versions of QuizTix over 3 years across Android, iOS and Amazon devices.

← QuizTix: Animal Pics in partnership with Nature Picture Library.

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QuizTix: Musicals

QuizTix: BBC Comedy Genius

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Ian's Previous Games

Super Yum Yum

BAFTA Nominated for BEST MOBILE GAME 2013.

Super Yum Yum:

Baby Rescue (Unreleased)

Super Yum Yum 2

Super Yum Yum 3:

Puzzle Adventures

Super Yum Yum

Sonic Jump


Pop Idol / X Factor

Rex the Runt

Angry Kid

Chu Chu Rocket

Casper the Friendly Ghost

FIFA World Cup 2002: Korea Japan

TOCA: World Touring Cars

  • 10/10 Official PlayStation Magazine